Growing up, painting was always a sweet indulgence. A way to unwind, relax and see where color would lead me. I took studio art classes as an undergraduate in college simply to balance out my science-heavy course load. Now, fifteen years and two children later, I am picking up the brush as a professional painter.
My greatest inspiration is the vast and varied landscape of California’s Central Valley right outside my front door. I also enjoy painting small vignettes and still-lifes...little things like a new pair of shoes or a cozy bedside table. Things that make me (and hopefully you!) smile.

My paintings are done in oils and watercolor and range from the tiniest bits to 11 x 14”. I enjoy painting on canvases, canvas boards, sealed wood blocks, hardboard panels, and repurposed laminate chips. It is the best feeling to send a painting out into the world to be a part of someone else’s daily scenery. I am so grateful for the support of family, friends and those who allow me to continue to paint every day.
Thank you for stopping by!