Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poleline Rd.

This road connects my town with the next town north and takes you on a short jaunt through the surrounding farmlands. Every step of the way is dotted with power poles (hence the road name). I'm usually the one driving, which isn't very condusive to taking good pictures and not to mention dangerous..but this time I was the passenger. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

So join me--let's get out of town!

oil on canvas
6 x 6"
lightly varnished

available in the shop
*sold--thank you, lisa!*


  1. I like the perspective on this one. excellent framing.

  2. hi Lauren
    your blog is now listed at TAD
    Please consider sending me an image and bio when you have time ..
    a link back would be appreciated too
    thank you
    cheers Kim

  3. Thank you, Lisa. I'm maturing beyond the plain old horizontal landscapes..(I hope!)I felt like this one was a breakthrough for me.

    Hi Kim! I've added the link to the left. Thanks again for including me..