Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Minis + a show!

I finished up a few more of the wee ones for magnets. I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough to dry them quickly! I will be showing them and my other work this weekend at Indie Davis, a small local craft show featuring some wonderful local talents. I have been selling my fabric crafts at shows for years but this will be my first featuring my paintings. Thank you Nina for hosting!

I spent the last few days polishing up my displays and table covering. I'm excited and a little nervous, too. I will be putting the shop on vacay mode Thursday--fingers crossed I sell something at my booth!


  1. congratulations on your first painting show! wish I was in the neighborhood.

    if you don't sell that little cake at the show... i know where you might sell it :o)

  2. Lisa, the cake one sold. But now I know what to send you as a thank-you for your support! :)