Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Weekend

My show over the weekend was the best I've ever had. Not just because the sales were great, but because I got to see hundreds of people's reaction to my paintings. Yes, some just walked on by (which is fine) but so many stopped to take a closer look, ask questions and give me a knowing nod.

You see, I paint first and foremost for me. Because I have to. It's a strange imperative, knowing you will not be happy or fulfilled until you can create something. So when I meet someone who enjoys my art so much that they want to hang it in their home or give it as a gift--it's like I'm resonating, vibrating on a frequency with them. Most times it's with someone whom I've never even met before. How is this possible? It's surreal, intimate and emotional. I say "thank-you" because that's all I can say in that moment. Inside I'm moved beyond words.

It's a busy week around here, but I can't wait to pick up a brush again.


  1. Congrats on your good show! I wish I could have been there. BTW did you sell Lakeside Shadows? just asking...

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I wish you could have been there, too. Someday? Lakeside shadows is still available. I have it framed and can send a better pic to you, if you like.

  3. OH good! yes please send a pic along, thanks!