Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something new : Project Unlaced!

I found myself in a post-Holiday slump earlier this week and decided to try something new. A lot of the pressure of painting in the past has involved me asking myself "would anyone buy this??"..which is the absolute worst way to go about creating art. You can't relax under pressure and you can't paint loosely or confidently without being relaxed.

I realized I needed to give it away. Combine that with my love of snail mail..and voila, Project Unlaced. I unearthed a pad of canvas paper, cut it into 4 x 6" postcard shapes and I'm off and running. I will post a Project Unlaced painted postcard several times a week, stick it in an envelope and send it to someone who would like a piece of original art in their mailbox.

All you need to do? Send me your mailing address and preference for a still life or landscape. Use the e-mail link under my profile to keep your address between us or leave it in a comment below. I will compile a list and send one to each of you as I complete them. Doesn't matter who you are or where you live, I will send one to you. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Let's get started!

**I will post when I have enough pen-pals for this first round. Thank you for participating!


  1. Nina Gatewood
    129 E Street Suite B-1
    Davis, CA 95616

  2. I forgot to mention I would be happy with whatever you sent me. I love everything you do.

  3. Oh my goodness! Really? I love your work. Count me in!

  4. Oh boy, Lauren, you know I would love to be part of this. I think you have my address... and you know what I like! THANKS! what fun!

  5. Christine McCrory
    2891 Quail Street
    Davis, CA 95616

    still life, please

    can't wait:)

  6. I love your art and always enjoy when you have a new painting. I love your shoes and barns.

    Dorothy Clement
    7809 Kinross Drive
    Oak Ridge, NC 27310

  7. OMG I AM IN. I'll email you my address!

  8. I received mine today and I absolutely love it! Thanks.
    Becky Tyre
    Retail Details blog