Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ocean + Show Recap

As you may have noticed, I don't paint a lot of seascapes. I tend to concentrate on what's around me..and being land-locked in the Central Valley, that doesn't include the ocean. But I've begun to realize that people here want seascapes for that very reason! So I've committed myself to doing more of them. My horizon line looks all wonky, but that's because I had too much coffee before taking the picture!
Misty Afternoon
8 x 10"
matted and ready for a 11 x 14" frame

Indie Davis was a great show for me over the weekend. The weather was perfect (after a week of near triple digits, I was worried about sweating through my shirt by noon!) and my community of "regulars" came out in full force. Five paintings made their way to new homes. A very good day indeed. Here's my set up below.


  1. I hadn't specifically noticed that you didn't do many seascapes---until I saw the seascape and it surprised my eyes! I love it.